Consequences of Love

av Gavanndra Hodge
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THE MUST-READ MEMOIR OF 2021 The dazzling days and dark nights of a Chelsea childhood . . .

SKU 9781405943222

Beskrivning / Consequences of Love

Her father was a hairdresser to the rich and famous - he was also their drug dealer. Her mother was an alcoholic fashion model. Her days and nights were non-stop parties - she spent them taking care of her little sister and putting out naked flames. And when her sister dies aged nine, Gavanndra is left alone with her grief. Growing up in the dazzling days and dark nights of her parents' social lives, surviving means fitting into their dysfunctional world, while stopping the family from falling apart .

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Isbn 9781405943222
Förlag Penguin Books Ltd.
Utgivningsdatum 8 juli 2021
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Antal sidor 305
Författare Gavanndra Hodge