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Chinese tourists - what do they want? Facts, ideas and successful examples, E-bok

av Ingemar Fredriksson
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Isbn 9789198573527
Typ E-bok
Förlag Procentförlaget
Språk Engelska
Författare Ingemar Fredriksson
Co editor Lyu Wen
Designed by Annika Myr Martin
Översättare Deane Goltermann
Publiceringsdatum 6 okt. 2020
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The world has never seen such a huge business opportunity for which they have so little understanding of how to address it. Many entrepreneurs have, more or less seriously, dreamt of being able to sell just one product to every single Chinese. That dream is now quickly turning into a possibility for many hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions. As of 2012. Chinese tourists are the largest group of travellers in the world. Unfortunately, understanding of the needs that these Chinese tourists have is exceptionally poor. What do they want to eat, do or buy? Where do they want to stay, and what places do they want to visit? All these differ radically from the needs of other tourists. In this book, we will take you through what is different and why it is so. In the book, we will also offer ideas on how to easily shift your offering to match what Chinese tourists want. We will also provide plenty of examples on what others have done to attract their business -- since, naturally, many have already invested heavily to do this. So yes, competition for Chinese tourists has undoubtedly begun, but an equally vital investment for winning this fight is understanding. What do you know about their needs?

Said about the Swedish edition of this book: 

“This book is basically a huge checklist and a fantastic basis for those who would like to attract Chinese tourists.”

Monika Fleming-Glogoza, West Sweden Tourist Board



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