Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

av Joyce Carol Oates
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SKU 9780007145737

Beskrivning / Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

Hard-hitting, page-turning and celebratory of friendship in unlikely circumstances, Joyce Carol Oates' sure touch with small town life hits home in her first young adult novel. Matt Donaghy is the class joker, and Ursula Riggs is the misfit loner. Neither knows the other. But when Matt is suddenly arrested on a charge of threatening to blow up the school and massacre the students, Ursula is the only one who sees through the hysteria and hypocrisy, and corroborates Matt's story. The case is dropped, but Matt's old friends avoid him, and his teachers treat him with kid gloves. Even Ursula, apparently his only friend during the crisis, can't meet his eye. But Ursula can't remain aloof when she catches Matt contemplating suicide -- and a strange friendship is born.

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Isbn 9780007145737
Förlag Harper Collins UK
Utgivningsdatum 1 maj 2003
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Antal sidor 272
Författare Joyce Carol Oates