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av Hugh O'Neill
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Format Epub med Adobe-kryptering
Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9789198587128
Typ E-bok
Förlag Lena Holfve EF
Språk Engelska
Serie Hugh O'Neill
Författare Hugh O'Neill
Editor in chief Lena Allen
Fotograf Ciaran O'Neill
Publiceringsdatum 21 feb. 2020
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A Suspense Thriller with a little Romance and Humour Noir

On the way home from a gig in Belfast, a band of musicians witness something they should not have seen and are innocently involved in the fatalities of a famous politician, a senior policeman,
a hit-man and their driver.
The next day the drummer is murdered, the rest of the band survive a botched attempt to wipe them out.
The remaining musicians separate and flee to Tenerife, Oslo, Germany and The Republic of Ireland while the bass player strangely chooses to stay at home.
Keeping a low profile when you are a musician is difficult and they soon find out being popular has its price.

'A new writer is born'  
Deeply experienced Swedish writer, Lena Holfve
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