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Back Problems in Dogs - Underlying causes for behavioral problems, E-bok

av Anders Hallgren
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Isbn 9789163922497
Typ E-bok
Förlag AH Books
Språk Engelska
Format 100
Författare Anders Hallgren
Publiceringsdatum 18 okt. 2016
A Research report by Anders Hallgren, Animal Behaviorist, Psychologist, MSc

This study showed that it is almost as common for dogs to have back problems related to the spinal chord as it is for human beings. In a normal population of 400 dogs 63 % of these had some sort of defect as defined by the chiropractors that were cooperating in this study. In many cases, there were problematic behaviors correlated to back defects.
One of the most alarming findings was that as many as 91 % of the dogs that had been pulled hard on the leash, or themselves had been pulling hard, were found to have defects in the neck! 
The result of this study has since its first release spread throughout the world. Many dog clubs and trainers have changed training methods and no longer use hard jerks on the leash. Many have also abandoned the collar, especially the very damaging choke chain, and now use a harness to walk their dogs.

Anders Hallgen, from Sweden, is considered to be the first dog psychologist in the world. He has devoted his life to helping problem dogs. The gentle and positive training methods that he introduced are now being used worldwide. He has written over 30 books, many of them translated and published in other countries. Read more at 
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