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Architecture, photography and the contemporary past

av Claes Caldenby , David Kendall , Helena Mattsson , Katarina Elvén , Astrid von Rosen , Hendrik Zeitler , Staffan Schmidt , Klas Grinell , Cecilia Gronberg , Ana Betancour , Alyssa Grossman , Patrik Elgstrom , Andrej Slavik , Victor Buchli
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Isbn 9789198157352
Typ Bok
Förlag Art and Theory
Format Flexband
Språk Engelska
Längd 176 sidor
Författare Claes Caldenby, David Kendall, Helena Mattsson, Katarina Elvén, Astrid von Rosen, Hendrik Zeitler, Staffan Schmidt, Klas Grinell, Cecilia Gronberg, Ana Betancour, Alyssa Grossman, Patrik Elgstrom, Andrej Slavik, Victor Buchli
Redaktör Caldenby, Claes, Slavik, Andrej, Tedroff, Julia, Farran-Lee, Martin
Publiceringsdatum 11 sep. 2014
What contribution can architecture and photography make to the exploration of our contemporary past? Victor Buchli, in his afterword, underlines the potential of such confrontations: Translation always betrays the original intention, but what might be described as the infelicities of the translation that are inherently treacherous are precisely what constitute its productive capacities.
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