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Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter : one to One

av Hugo Macdonald , Andreas Martin-Löf
353,00 kr
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Isbn 9789188031853
Typ Bok
Förlag Art and Theory
Format Klotband
Språk Engelska
Längd 283 sidor
Författare Hugo Macdonald, Andreas Martin-Löf
Designed by Andersson, Karl Stefan
Översättare Jewson, William
Publiceringsdatum 9 dec. 2019
This is the first book about Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter, and its publication marks the firm's tenth anniversary. Encompassing twenty projects ranging from buildings and interiors to furniture and objects, this monograph is interlaced with a series of reflective and personal essays that give insight into Andreas Martin-Löf's work process and provide context for the firm's work.
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