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Advice to my dear daughter

av Marianne Hamilton
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Isbn 9789151927893
Typ Bok
Förlag Ek och Bok
Format Danskt band
Språk Engelska
Längd 142 sidor
Författare Marianne Hamilton
Cover design Hamilton, Nanna
Designed by Andersson, Anette
Editor in chief Stjärnekull, Cathrine
Översättare Klingener, Alice
Publiceringsdatum 7 nov. 2019
In Advice to My Dear Daughter Marianne Hamilton inspires women to take charge of their careers and go for leading positions. The goal is a better and broader pipeline of managers to the business. There are 46 pragmatic advice to discuss and to learn from. The book is written for women in the workplace but it suits men as well. Advice To My Dear Daughter can be used to make sure a company captures the full breadth and depth of talent available. Both when recruiting and as part of ongoing development, as well as to safeguard the company’s pipeline of future managers. This is indeed a business-critical issue. Use the book in circles, mentoring programs or as a 'read on your own' book.
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