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A Dance of Blades

av David Dalglish
148,00 kr
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Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9780356502793
Typ Bok
Förlag Little Brown
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Serie shadowdance
Längd 391 sidor
Författare David Dalglish
Publiceringsdatum 5 nov. 2013
It's been five long years since the city learned to fear...The war between the thief guilds and the powerful allegiance known as the Trifect has slowly dwindled. Now only the mysterious Haern is left to wage his private battle against the guilds in the guise of the Watcher - a vicious killer who knows no limits. But when the son of Alyssa Gemcroft, one of the three leaders of the Trifect, is beli
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