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The Ugly Duckling, Ljudbok

av H.C. Andersen , Staffan Götestam , Josefin Götestam
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Isbn 9789189129566
Typ Ljudbok
Språk Svenska
Serie Fairy Tales for Kids
Längd 00:16:51
Format 300
Författare H.C. Andersen, Staffan Götestam, Josefin Götestam
Uppläsare Susie Sulocki
Publiceringsdatum 17 jan. 2020
This fairy tale is about a little duckling who gets teased by his siblings for being so ugly. Later, the little ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. This is a story about not to judge anyone by his or her appearance. This story is one of H.C Andersens’ most popular stories.
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