Hans Hartvik: The List, E-bok

av Hannu Mänty
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The List is the first instalment of the HANS HARTVIK series. Hans Hartvik is an international headhunter. He is a successful headhunter for an international company and leads an almost perfect life. But, Hans Hartvik is also a contract killer who goes by the name Hans Kiefer. Hans Kiefer is an operative for a secret organisation called MUMS (Murder University of Managements), which is headed by Schröder, Putin and Bush. MUMS has made a list. It is a hit list and contains many names, the most famous of which is Osama Bin Laden. Hans‘ mission is to eliminate him. Books two and three of the List series will be out soon!

SKU 9789515686268

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Isbn 9789515686268
Förlag Books on Demand
Utgivningsdatum 29 sep. 2017
Typ E-bok
Format Epub med vattenmärkning
Språk Engelska
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Författare Hannu Mänty