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Diversity in the swedish film heritage 1890-1950

av Cecilia Gärding
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Isbn 9789163791796
Typ Bok
Förlag Lyxo
Format Häftad
Språk Engelska
Längd 308 sidor
Författare Cecilia Gärding
Publiceringsdatum 29 mars 2016
The art of film came to Sweden after the European colonization of large parts of the world, at the height of racial thinking and at a time of mass emigration from Europe to America. This book explains how this impacted on Swedish film and how filmmaking was introduced into the country by entrepreneurs from other countries. Film became the most popular form of entertainment, but what kind of images of other ethnic groups were created? This is the first book that analyses how ethnic minorities and people from other countries were portrayed in Swedish film between 1890-1950 and its consequences. The analysis is presented against the backdrop of developments within the Swedish society, world events like the Second World War and how ethnic minorities were treated in the country. An explanation is given to how prejudice presented on the screen affects us biologically. The medium of film can change how we perceive ourselves and others. It is up to us to manage that possibility to the benefit of all.
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