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Auto : self-representation and digital photography

av Sarah Kember , Willem Popelier , Louise Wolthers , Daniel Trottier
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Isbn 9789198087451
Typ Bok
Förlag Art and Theory
Format Danskt band
Språk Engelska
Serie Negative
Längd 151 sidor
Författare Sarah Kember, Willem Popelier, Louise Wolthers, Daniel Trottier
Redaktör Hedberg, Hans, Martinsson, Tyrone, Knape, Gunilla, Wolthers, Louise
Publiceringsdatum 2 juli 2014
What are the limits of automation and what is the potential of virtuality? When is visuality empowering and when is self-monitoring out of control? Auto investigates how the everyday digital photography of our times challenges notions of autobiography, interactivity, and democracy.
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