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An introduction to glass : craft, technology and art

av Thomas Falk , Hans Fredriksson , Gunnel Holmér , Lars Gunnar Johansson , Maria Lang , Peter Sundberg
455,00 kr
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Isbn 9789170032950
Typ Bok
Förlag Infotain & Infobooks Sweden
Format Inbunden
Språk Engelska
Längd 252 sidor
Författare Thomas Falk, Hans Fredriksson, Gunnel Holmér, Lars Gunnar Johansson, Maria Lang, Peter Sundberg
Redaktör Flygt, Elisabeth
Översättare Imber, Alan, Jewson, William
Publiceringsdatum 11 apr. 2011
This fresh new book is for everyone who works with glass, studies glass or is just interested in knowing more about a fascinating subject. An Introduction to Glass is primarily about contemporary Swedish art and household glass, but includes short sections about the international scene and industrial glass as well. An Introduction to Glass can be used as a reference book or can be read from cover to cover as a textbook. Or you can just browse back and forth to get inspiration and be seduced by the many gorgeous images. A comprehensive index with over 1700 entries makes it easy to find what interests you. The book is published in cooperation with Glafo The Glass Research Institute, which works internationally with glass research, development, education and technical support, mainly to glass works, processors and users of glass. Glafo was founded in 1945 by a consortium of glass works in Småland, an area known as Swedens Kingdom of Crystal. Contents of the book include: What is glass? * Raw materials * The melting and cooling process * Ovens and fireproof material * Process control * Colouring glass * Glass types * Glass manufacturing * Postprocessing and decorating * Quality and flaws * Environment * History of Swedish glass.
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